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  • Text Fader Component

    Version 1.24 (Last updated on November 18, 2008)

    Text Fader is a special label control that can be used for displaying multiple lines of text in a small area. This control shows the lines one by one each fading into the next.

  • Text Animator Component

    Version 1.41 (Last updated on April 7, 2006)

    Text Animator is a special label control, which animates the control’s caption in four different styles. These animations are based on NervousText Java applet from Sun Microsystems.

  • MRU Files Component

    Version 1.14 (Last updated on August 16, 2003)

    Adding file reopen menu to Delphi applications cannot be easier. MRUFiles component keeps track of most recently used files (or other items), and show them on a menu.

  • Office 97 Button Component

    Version 2.18 (Last updated on November 14, 2003)

    The Office 97 Button is a Delphi control that looks and acts like the controls (buttons, radio buttons, up buttons, and down buttons) that appear in the Office Assistant balloons in Office 97 and Office 2000.