You can find many free gradient components on the Internet but TGradient has its own advantages; it is flexible and extremely fast.

TGradient can draw gradients in 24 predefined styles and you can easily define your own custom ones. In addition, this control can shift and/or rotate the gradient colors, which is suitable for creating animated gradients.

Like standard TShape control, TGradient control can be displayed in one of rectangular, square, round rectangular, round square, elliptic, or circular shapes.


Gradient Component (22.0 KiB, Last updated on June 28, 2011)Source code of the TGradient component, including the documentation and a sample program.

Gradient Demo (222.8 KiB, Last updated on June 28, 2011)Executable demo of TGradient component, compiled in Delphi 7.

Operational In

  • CalcuFP

    CalcuFP is a programmable calculator with a wide range of mathematical and subject specific functions.

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