October 29, 2008

When I started to move this website on WordPress, I was uncertain to use posts or pages of WordPress to create website’s pages. Posts and pages in WordPres has their own unique attributes:

  • Posts can have excerpt, and be categorized and tagged.
  • Pages are hierarchical, and can be ordered.

However, what I needed was combination of these attributes. Thanks to good design of WordPress that makes any customization easily possible.

The WP-PagesAsPosts is the plugin that adds “excerpt”, “category”, and “tag” fields to the WordPress page editor exactly the same way that they appear in the WordPress post editor. And, as the result, you will have pages that can have excerpt, be tagged, and be assigned to categories.


WP-PagesAsPosts (9.2 KiB, Last updated on October 29, 2008)Enables you to add tags, categories, and excerpt to pages in the same way you do for posts.