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  • How to match two strings approximately

    October 24, 20104 Comments
    By engaging approximate string matching in our applications, we have this opportunity to write more intelligent and more user friendly applications. In this post, you will find the Delphi implementation of Damerau-Levenshtein distance algorithm to use for writing another Delphi function for fuzzy matching of two strings.
  • How to have a temporary stream, with no size limit

    October 20, 20106 Comments
    While writing code, sometimes we need to store some intermediate data in a temporary storage. Usually a temporary variable or memory stream is enough to save the data, but it is not safe when the data is large. In this post, you will find the implementation of a simple stream class that encapsulates a temporary file for using as an intermediate storage.
  • How to replace occurrences of several substrings in a string, all in once

    October 15, 20105 Comments
    Sometimes we need to locate and replace more than one substring in a string, and Delphi does not have a function for this purpose. In this post, I implement and discuss such a function.
  • How to find if a directory is writable

    September 22, 20101 Comment
    When any software wants to save a file in a directory, first it should check whether it has the write access to the directory. In this post, there is the implementation of a small Delphi function to check whether a directory is writable or not.