The Image Work package is a library of Delphi classes and procedures for basic image processing. The package provides more than 40 digital image filters, arbitrary image transformation with three different sampling methods (nearest neighbor, bi-linear, and bi-cubic), and basic mathematical and logical image operations.

You can find the following image filters in the Image Work package:

  1. Average
  2. Average More
  3. Blur
  4. Blur More
  5. Gaussian Blur
  6. Low Pass
  7. Smooth
  8. Smooth Circle
  9. Smooth Cone
  10. Smooth Pyramidal
  11. Sharpen
  12. Sharpen More
  13. Unsharp Mask
  14. High Pass
  15. Laplacian
  16. Edge
  17. Prewitt North South
  18. Prewitt South North
  19. Prewitt East West
  20. Prewitt West East
  21. Prewitt Edge
  22. Sobel North South
  23. Sobel South North
  24. Sobel East West
  25. Sobel West East
  26. Sobel Edge
  27. Line Mask Vertical
  28. Line Mask Horizontal
  29. Line Mask
  30. Emboss
  31. Emboss Color
  32. Mosaic
  33. Minimum
  34. Maximum
  35. Max Min
  36. Min Max
  37. Median
  38. Degrain Bright
  39. Degrain Dark
  40. Degrain

Of course by defining a subclass you can easily add new filters to the package.


Image Work Package (185.3 KiB, Last updated on November 7, 2008)Source code of the Image Work package, including the help file and a sample program for Delphi 6 or later.

Operational In

  • npImgs

    npImgs is a NeoBook plugin. This plugin contains s set of useful image related actions and can work with up to 20 different input and up to 16 output image formats. For example, you can convert images from any of the supported input formats to any of the supported output formats.

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