Using the Wave Audio package you can easily play audio from (or recording audio to) file, any TStream descendant stream, or even raw audio buffers. In addition, by this package doing tasks, for example, like merging, mixing, or format conversion of waves are as easy as a function call.

The wave audio package has also a mixer component, so that you can easily control Windows mixer from your application.

Here is the list of all components in the Wave Audio package:

  • TMultimediaTimer
    Is a high resolution timer.
  • TAudioMixer
    Provides an easy interface to manage audio mixer controls.
  • TWaveStorage
    Stores a single wave audio and provides some basic manipulation functions.
  • TWaveCollection
    Stores a collection of wave audio’s as resource and provides access to their informational fields.
  • TAudioPlayer
    Plays a wave audio, which is stored in the component.
  • TAudioRecorder
    Records wave audio and stores it in the component.
  • TStockAudioPlayer
    Plays wave audio from a TWaveStorage or TWaveCollection component, a stream, or a file.
  • TStockAudioRecorder
    Records wave audio to a TWaveStorage or TWaveCollection component, a stream, or a file.
  • TLiveAudioPlayer
    Plays wave audio from user defined buffers.
  • TLiveAudioRecorder
    Records wave audio to user defined buffers.
  • TAudioRedirector
    Records wave audio from an input audio device and plays it back on another output audio device.

Besides those mentioned components, the Wave Audio package has a set of useful functions for managing waves.

The Wave Audio package has been moved on Sourgeforge.


Wave Audio Package (115.9 KiB, Last updated on January 5, 2013)Source code of the Wave Audio package, including the documentation and some sample programs.

Operational In

  • QualiWORLD

    QualiWORLD is a comprehensive software platform designed to enable disabled and elderly persons to easily access and use a computer. QualiWORLD manages an incredible variety of software applications, offering new opportunities of full access to the most powerful technologies. Simple daily tasks like: writing a letter, preparing a document, communicating verbally, surfing the Internet, sending and reading e-mail messages, making phone calls and controlling your household environment and watching a movie can now be easily performed in total privacy by any physically disabled people.

  • FRN Client

    The program is made for connecting license free portable radio’s (PMR446) to the internet. In ‘PC Only’ mode the program can be used to talk directly from PC-microphone to people on the system.

  • Fine Metronome

    Fine Metronome is an accurate and easy to use metronome. Fine Metronome is fully customizable and provides a flashing light synchronized with beat sound.

  • Turing Translation

    Turing translation is a program intended for the beginners who want to learn English and Turkish. It can translate from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English, also has text-to-speech property in Turkish and English.

  • npWave

    npWave is a NeoBook plugin. With this plugin you can work with WAVE files from your publications. For example, you can play and record WAVE files in an easy way, taking all control of the process and get notified for all player and recorder events.

If you have a software using the Wave Audio package, and you would like your product to be listed here, please post the link to your software’s homepage and a brief description about it on the miscellaneous section of the forum.