DA Checkers


October 4, 2006

DA Checkers lets you play American Checkers (English draughts) with a friend or against the computer. The program uses powerful algorithm of game and a friendly interface.

Here are some features of DA Checkers:

  • strong AI of computer opponent
  • custom computer opponent difficulty levels
  • custom opponent player (computer or human)
  • full history of the movements
  • saving and loading of a game
  • custom setup of pieces on the board
  • custom board size
  • full screen mode
  • animated move and capture


DA Checkers (814.5 KiB, Last updated on October 4, 2006)Installer program of DA Checkers game.

Gameboards Package (3.2 MiB, Last updated on May 14, 2013)Source code of the GameBoards package and DA Checkers and DA Othello games. The GameBoards package is the package that is used for writing both of the games.
These source codes are provided as is without any documentation or any kind of support.