October 29, 2008

The WP-InternalLink plugin adds a shortcode to your WordPress, so that you can easily reference another post or page in your posts without being worry about future changes in the permalink structure or even domain name. In addition, you can use the shortcode to insert the link to an attachment, post’s comments, category’s posts, tag’s posts, and author’s posts.

To get link of a page, you just need to enter [url TargetType="TargetID"] in your post (or page). Optionally you can use a second parameter named “feed”, which determines whether you want a feed link or a normal link.

Target Type/ID pairs are defined as follow:

Target Type Target ID Displayed URL Feed
page id or name of the page absolute URL to the page No
post id or name of the post absolute URL to the post No
attachment id or name of the attachment absolute URL to the attachment No
comments id or name of the post/page absolute URL to comments of the post/page Yes/No
category id or slug of the category absolute URL to the list of posts in the category Yes/No
tag id or slug of the tag absolute URL to the list of posts with the tag Yes/No
author id of the author absolute URL to the list of author’s posts Yes/No

If Target Type/ID pair is omitted, the absolute URL to the website’s homepage (or entries feed) will be displayed.


WP-InternalLink (9.0 KiB, Last updated on October 29, 2008)Enables you to easily insert links to other posts/pages of your WordPress blog in your posts.