TPicShow is an image slider control with 176 transitional effects in pure Delphi code. The major characteristics of TPicShow are:

  • Image transition can be controlled programmatically
  • Image can be stretched or centered in the client area of the control
  • Control can show a background image as centered, stretched, or tiled
  • Transition process can use a separate thread
  • New transitional effects can be easily implemented and added.

TDBPicShow is the data-aware version of TPicShow with the ability to load bitmap, jpeg, metafile, and png (Delphi 2009 and later) images from a blob field.


PicShow Components (1.1 MiB, Last updated on July 19, 2010)Source code of the TPicShow and TDBPicShow components, including the documentation and two sample programs.

Operational In

  • Portfolio Pro

    Portfolio Pro is a slide show application written by Gary Bond. It packages up jpeg images into a self contained slide show that you can e-mail or send to others. The recipients do not need any other software to run the slide show.

  • PhotoPlayer

    PhotoPlayer is a standalone program for playing images on CDs as well as on hard drives provided by UniDream Technologies Inc. It includes features like automatic search and play, very simple shortcut keys, custom background image, 127 animation effects, four display modes including a tile mode, picture frame, four view styles including a minimal view, custom music list, user-defined comment or caption, dynamic play interval, resumable play, on top while playing, WYSIWYG CD autorun, cleanup and more. Supports most common graphic formats including animated GIF.

  • Zee-Troll

    Zee-Troll is a slide show creator for CD presentation by Pal Emil Lucian. The slides can be various image files, MP3 files, AVI files or animated GIFs. On the static images you can apply over 120 animated effects. This slide show editor uses transition effects between the images.

  • Nordler

    Nordler, which is written by Jan Punter, can read instruction files that will allow you control of MIDI devices. Nordler also has a built-in slide show device which is able to show a timed sequence of pictures. The pictures can be faded using a large set of fade styles.

  • ViewPicXXL

    ViewPicXXL is an image viewer with all kinds of tools to work on the images, written by Robert Sonnabend. By the way, the application’s user interface is in German.

  • Imagick

    Imagick is a complete cataloging solution for jewelery industry, written by Jay Dubal. It has everything that you would require to show your designs.

  • Matrix_ks Screen Saver

    This screen saver is written by Kelly Shipp, and uses the authentic Matrix font from The Matrix movie.

  • Image Leach

    Image leach is a little software that can do a lot of things. Given a URL, typed or directly acquired from Internet Explorer via a button, it lists all the picture of that URL. It is also possible via a gadget of the mini web browser to display all the thumbnail pictures link (picture linking to another picture). You can therefore generate a HTML document including the selected picture link for future reference, save all pictures at once or only some of them. Of course you can preview all pictures before downloading them. Alternatively while the software stays on top of all applications, you can drag and drop a picture into the mini web browser and open the Internet Explorer context menu via a right click (Saving as, printing…). You can also preview all pictures inside the picture browser window and eventually rename, copy, move, delete part or all of them and create folder with a minimum of effort. A slide show of all the pictures is even possible.

  • QualiKEY

    QualiKEY is the ultimate on-screen Keyboard which allows users with mobility impairments to type data directly into any Windows Applications. Instead of pushing keys on a real keyboard, simply point and click on QualiKEY on your computer screen. With QualiKEY you can directly control any Windows application, run and close applications, manage the tasks, shut down the computer, manage you own Start Menu, check the on-line help and much more.


    The world’s finest assessment, distance-traveled and planning aid using highly graphical approaches, Impact allows people, teams and organizations to assess where they currently stand in relation to dozens of different assessment models and then measure their later progress. You can analyze you data in any way you wish and see the results in graphical formats. Impact is amazingly versatile, and can be used for performance management, personal development, classroom learning, health issues, work-life balance, enterprise development. In fact, anywhere where you want to set goals and see the distance you have traveled. Quite simply, Impact Development Solutions is tailored to your exacting requirements; from education to professional sporting groups and corporate development solutions, trust Impact to deliver usable data in a graphic format you can actually use.

  • Edialbum

    Edialbum is a slide show program to create audio tracks and synchronize them with pictures. This program (Visual audio realization) is complete with a lot of tools. For example, you can:

    — Sort out pictures in chronological order (read and write in the “Jpeg Exif”)
    — Move or Order the images according to multiple options
    — Duplicate images and add titles in dissolve or fade out
    — Make an album without help, and distribute it to your friends who can view it without preliminary installation of the software

  • npShow

    npShow is a NeoBook plugin. This plugin allows you to insert image transition objects into your publication. This plugin provides 173 ready to use transition effects. You can have also more than one transition objects in your publication and start them all at the same time.

  • Digital Home Server

    The Digital Home Server (DHS) is a free home automation and multimedia application, specifically aimed for non-technical users.

  • Photo Compiler

    Photo Compiler allows to create attractive, practices and useful galleries with your photos and images and then convert it into executable programs ready to be viewed without any dependency.

If you have a software using TPicShow or TDBPicShow components, and you would like your product to be listed here, please post the link to your software’s homepage and a brief description about it on the miscellaneous section of the forum.