The TRealTimeMarquee component is a marquee (both horizontal and vertical) control. This marquee control uses Windows multimedia timer for precise timing to produce a smooth scrolling. Because of that, even when your application is doing time consuming operations, the marquee plays as normal.

The TRealTimeMarquee control is empowered by a simple HTML parsing/rendering class that gives the ability to use HTML for formatting the scrolling text in the most convenience way. By using HTML, you can also define hyper links and insert images in the scrolling text. Whenever the user clicks on a hyper link, an event notifies your application about the clicked link. An event also used for loading HTML images.

The TRealTimeMarquee control supports bi-directional languages. To be more functional, it also supports dir attribute of HTML tags. This enables you to mix content from right-to-left and left-to-right languages in a single line of text.


Real-Time Marquee Component (36.6 KiB, Last updated on September 1, 2015)Source code of the TRealTimeMarquee component, including the documentation and a sample program.

Operational In

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