TRotateImage is an image viewer control similar to TImage with the ability to show the image rotated at an arbitrary angle.

TRotateImage is for applying a fast rotation not generating an anti-aliased image. Because of that, this control is suitable for dynamic rotation of the images to show a preview of them to the end user.


Rotate Image Component (29.1 KiB, Last updated on November 18, 2008)Source code of the TRotateImage component, including the documentation and a sample program.

Operational In

  • Futuris Imager

    This is a small and fast image viewer for Windows written by Alexander Tereschenko. It supports more then 30 graphic formats, TWAIN-compatible scanners/cameras, screen/window capture, wallpaper tools, HEX viewer, image transformations, file browser/manager, advanced printing features with preview, optional integration with Filters Unlimited and much more…

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