Posts tagged as Delphi 6

  • Gradient Component

    Version 2.71 (Last updated on June 28, 2011)

    Gradient is a simple but fast control for drawing color gradients. The control can draw gradients in 24 predefined styles. In addition, it can shift and/or rotate the gradient colors, which is suitable for playing animated color gradients.

  • Rotate Image Component

    Version 1.54 (Last updated on November 18, 2008)

    Rotate Image is an improved version of Delphi Image control that can display the images rotated at an arbitrary angle.

  • Simple Graph Component

    Version 2.91 (Last updated on January 25, 2014)

    Simple Graph is a Delphi control for drawing vector based graphs and charts via code or its built-in user interface. In Simple Graph, the graph objects are linkable, and the links can be directional and sticky. Both graph objects and links can be captioned, and also their look and behavior is fully customizable. Simple Graph offers only basic geometric shapes (rectangle, round rectangle, ellipse, triangle, rhomboid, pentagon, and hexagon) as predefined graph objects, but you can easily define your own objects by sub-classing.

  • Text Fader Component

    Version 1.24 (Last updated on November 18, 2008)

    Text Fader is a special label control that can be used for displaying multiple lines of text in a small area. This control shows the lines one by one each fading into the next.

  • StatusBar Pro Component

    Version 1.80 (Last updated on September 1, 2015)

    StatusBar Pro is an improved version of Delphi StatusBar control. Each panel of StatusBar Pro is customizable by setting font, color, hint, indent, image, popup menu, and click and double click events. In addition, width of the panels can be automatically adjusted according to the content of the panels or size of the status bar. You can also put another control over each panel, and StatusBar Pro will take care of position and size of the hosted control.

  • FindFile Component

    Version 4.12 (Last updated on August 10, 2010)

    Find File component offers a complete set of features for searching asynchronously in the file system. This component can confine the search by applying filters on files based on their location, name, size, attributes, directory level, content, and creation, modification, and access date and time.

  • Office Assistant Package

    Version 3.36 (Last updated on November 7, 2008)

    The Office Assistant Package animates a controllable actor on top of Delphi applications, similar to the Microsoft Office Assistant or Microsoft Agent animations. The package also contains interactive balloon shape dialogs for displaying message boxes, hints, tips, and search requests and results.

  • Text Animator Component

    Version 1.41 (Last updated on April 7, 2006)

    Text Animator is a special label control, which animates the control’s caption in four different styles. These animations are based on NervousText Java applet from Sun Microsystems.

  • PicShow Components

    Version 4.20 (Last updated on July 19, 2010)

    PicShow component is an image viewer, which can show the images with 176 different transitional effects. DBPicShow is the data-aware version of the control, and able to load various image formats from a database table.

  • Wave Player Component

    Version 1.02 (Last updated on November 18, 2008)

    Are you looking for a simple way to play sound in your Delphi application? Wave Player component can store a wave file as a form resource, and play it at runtime.