Posts tagged as Delphi 7

  • BiDi DBNavigator Component

    Version 1.10 (Last updated on May 8, 2001)

    BiDi DBNavigator is an improved version of Delphi DBNavigator control. It enables you to customize the glyph of navigation buttons, and supports bi-directional languages.

  • MRU Files Component

    Version 1.14 (Last updated on August 16, 2003)

    Adding file reopen menu to Delphi applications cannot be easier. MRUFiles component keeps track of most recently used files (or other items), and show them on a menu.

  • BiDi Outline Component

    Version 1.0 (Last updated on May 6, 1999)

    BiDiOutline is a hierarchical list control like Delphi Outline control, with one additional feature: it supports bi-directional languages.

  • Smooth Show Component

    Version 2.04 (Last updated on November 18, 2008)

    Do you want to relocate a control on a form with a fancy animation? Smooth Show is the component you are looking for. Smooth Show relocates the control by animating a frame from the old location of the control to its new location.

  • Print Preview Components

    Version 5.91 (Last updated on March 4, 2018)

    The Print Preview components provide an easy way to control the printer, mange its settings, and display a preview of the output to the end-user. In addition, the user can easily navigate through the preview pages, manipulate them, and even save them as a PDF or multi-frame TIFF file.

  • Office 97 Button Component

    Version 2.18 (Last updated on November 14, 2003)

    The Office 97 Button is a Delphi control that looks and acts like the controls (buttons, radio buttons, up buttons, and down buttons) that appear in the Office Assistant balloons in Office 97 and Office 2000.