Posts tagged as Delphi XE

  • i18n Package

    Version 1.10 (Last updated on January 25, 2014)

    The i18n package is a library of Delphi components, classes and procedures in purpose of assisting developers to fully internationalize Delphi applications in an easy manner.

  • Image Work Package

    Version 1.01 (Last updated on November 7, 2008)

    The Image Work package provides a set of classes and procedures for basic image processing, like digital image filtering, image transformation, and logical and mathematical operations on images. The Image Work package contains 40 digital image filters, and has the feature to easily extend this set of filters by defining custom filters.

  • Wave Audio Package

    Version 1.90 (Last updated on January 5, 2013)

    The Wave Audio package contains a complete set of components and classes for playing, recording, and manipulating audio in wave format. For example, by this package you can easily merge several wave files in to a single file, or convert the format of a wave file on the fly. This package also contains an audio mixer control and an asynchronous and high resolution multimedia timer component.

  • Simple Graph Component

    Version 2.91 (Last updated on January 25, 2014)

    Simple Graph is a Delphi control for drawing vector based graphs and charts via code or its built-in user interface. In Simple Graph, the graph objects are linkable, and the links can be directional and sticky. Both graph objects and links can be captioned, and also their look and behavior is fully customizable. Simple Graph offers only basic geometric shapes (rectangle, round rectangle, ellipse, triangle, rhomboid, pentagon, and hexagon) as predefined graph objects, but you can easily define your own objects by sub-classing.

  • Print Preview Components

    Version 5.91 (Last updated on March 4, 2018)

    The Print Preview components provide an easy way to control the printer, mange its settings, and display a preview of the output to the end-user. In addition, the user can easily navigate through the preview pages, manipulate them, and even save them as a PDF or multi-frame TIFF file.