The Real-Time Marquee Component v2.0 has been released. This is a major upgrade release.

  • [change] The component has been redesigned and because of that some properties and events has been removed or replaced with the new ones.
  • [feature] Now items are maintained as collection of marquee items. Each item can be plain text, HTML formatted text, or owner draw. The OnDrawItem event occurs when an owner draw item needs to be rendered.
  • [feature] In the first release of the component, at each time only one marquee text was visible. But now a new text may appear on the control while other items are still scrolling. The Spacing property determines the distance between two consequent items, and VisibleCount property indicates how many items are currently visible on the control.
  • [feature] The control supports IMG tags in the HTML formatted text. The OnImage event occurs when an image needs to be loaded.
  • [bugfix] Rendering order of HTML elements in the right to left direction is corrected.
  • [change] Because of optimizations done for run-time, the marquee may flicker at design-time. You need the control during run-time, right?

Before replacing your old copy of the component with the new release, please read the documentation carefully.