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  1. 1. By Richard Stevens on January 8, 2011 at 22:56

    Left arrow ← doesn’t seem to work. I get a square box when using.

  2. 2. By Kambiz on January 8, 2011 at 23:10

    The font must have the glyph of the character, otherwise the box is displayed.

  3. 3. By Richard Stevens on January 9, 2011 at 02:01

    How can I tell if the font includes it?

  4. 4. By Richard Stevens on January 9, 2011 at 02:39

    Or I should ask what font does it work with?

  5. 5. By Kambiz on January 9, 2011 at 03:58

    Arial font has the arrow character. You can use Windows Character Map utility to find out which font has the character. After running Character Map, check “Advanced view”, select “Group by: Unicode subrange”, and then select “Arrows”.

  6. 6. By genyus00 on June 30, 2011 at 04:16

    hello, the marquee is transparent? as I can make it transparent? use a background image as the marquee show this is not transaparente ..
    On the other hand, very good component, kudos to its creator.

  7. 8. By genyus00 on July 1, 2011 at 00:12

    thank you very much for the help….
    very cool this marquee and marquee example, rather I have no words to describe the emosion gives me when I find components like these, and the results obtained with them ..
    very cool this marquee and marquee example, rather I have no words to describe the emosion gives me when I find components like these, and the results obtained with them .. thank you very much for the help.

    Now I have only one more question for the following case: at runtime I modify the values ​​of the source text marquee (size, color, and font style), the marquee apply it .. the question is if I want the marquee to display the configuration that has loaded the HTML file .. What should I do? …. try resetting the marquee and reloading the HTML text, but I still just do not take the values ​​of the source file is configured.

  8. 9. By Kambiz on July 2, 2011 at 04:11

    Each marquee item has a text property that you can use it to get the source HTML text of each line of the marquee.

  9. 10. By genyus00 on July 5, 2011 at 03:36

    Hello, I understand, but I need to take is that the text font, color, text size of the HTML, as the case in which execution time echo I have the following:

    frmbanner.Banner.Font.Color = clred;
    frmbanner.Banner.Font.Name: = Arial;
    frmbanner.Banner.Font.Size: = 15;
    :=[]; frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style
    frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style = frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style + [fsbold];
    frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style = frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style + [fsItalic];
    frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style = frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style + [fsUnderline];
    frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style = frmbanner.Banner.Font.Style + [fsStrikeOut];

    “This will assign the same font settings for all items of the marquee”

    but is that the HTML is set up for each item of the marquee the following, or even that each item has a color, font, size and different font style:

    Font color: clblue
    type font: courier
    font size: 10
    font style: italic only

    and I want to click a checkbox to choose whether the marquee use my font settings for all text that moves or if you use the HTML is set up for each item you have.

    2. On the other hand, as is done for the marquee take orientation and apply it automatically? I have a combobox where my items correspond to the vertical and horizontal orientation, and when I select either of the following:
    frmbanner.Banner.Orientation = TmarqueeOrientation (BannerDireccion.ItemIndex);

    but the shelter does not take automatically change orientation. reset and then try to change the orientation, but did not work when I do as follows if it works, but not if it is correct:

    frmbanner.Banner.Items.LoadFromStrings (FWBanner.BannerMemotxt.Lines, HTML);

    because I think that by changing the orientation should work automatically without having to reload all the text displayed on the marquee.

    thanks for attention and assistance provided.

  10. 11. By Kambiz on July 5, 2011 at 04:30

    1. You have to track format of each individual marquee item by yourself. The component only parses HTML text for rendering the text. Each text renders only once on an off-screen buffer, so the component does not need to keep the parsed data.

    2. This is a bug. To fix it, in the component’s unit, locate TRealTimeMarquee.Reset procedure and then replace fItems.Clear with fItems.Reset in its body.

  11. 12. By genyus00 on July 5, 2011 at 08:48

    1. 😮 and look, of course I take the marquee HTML font settings, color, size, style, and I set externally, as long as the body of the HTML does not have defined this parameter, meaning that if no FONT FACE and assigned by Feura the defaults that I give, but if it is defined and change then I do not take the font that I set out, if not the line is defined in HTML, I think my own solution will create an HTML editor to create the chain allowing me to define what the control can receive as maquesina HTML commands and so the user does not have the need to know HTML to include a new line into the custom canopy.

    2. Fixed bug, now works the shift with just changing the value of PARAMETER.

    thanks man .. components and continue to review the questions and comments from doing what i find it.

  12. 13. By fabrice on August 18, 2011 at 02:00

    I use marquee compnent for a delphi xe program. It works perfectly on my machine but not on other pc ? Do i have to join some other file to make it work ?

  13. 14. By Kambiz on August 18, 2011 at 10:54

    The marquee component is a standalone component and doesn’t need any external file.
    You have to check your own program.

  14. 15. By genyus00 on October 7, 2011 at 20:54

    Hola, buenas… cual es la longitud maxima de cadena que se permite visualizar, lo pregunto por que colo que un texto realmente largo.. y despues de un tiempo mi aplicacion se bloqueo y me toco cerrarla con ctrl+alt+supr

  15. 16. By genyus00 on October 7, 2011 at 22:40

    por otro lado cuando cambio de orientación de horizontal a vertical lo hace bien, pero de vertical a horizantal me corta el texto y no reiniciar el texto de banner por el inicio del texto cargado, si no por la mitad del mismo.. alguna explicacion al respecto?

  16. 17. By genyus00 on October 15, 2011 at 22:42

    Hi, I auto reply .. to the last question I did, .. what happens to the component is not receiving text with line breaks, in so plain / text, not html mode will do the same if you have not tried it, hence the problem that the message and even short time blocks the application .. so play using a completely flat text without line breaks.

    On the other hand, all had echo evidence were using text as HTML and not as plain / text and today’s the day it occurred to me to change the font color of the banner so having it in plain / text and throws me the exception to assign a new color. All I do is this,

    myvariable: = ‘clBlack’;
    banner.font.color: = stringtocolor (myvariable);


    banner.font.color: = combocolor.colorselected;

    and in either of the 2 cases I jump the exception that the color assigned is not valid,
    but if I change the banner to HTML mode, everything goes smoothly .. Is this a bug in the component?
    or the assignment of color for the font mode Plain / Text should be done in a different way??

    thanks for the help in advance ..

    hola, me auto respondo.. a la ultima pregunta que realicé,.. lo que sucede con el componente es que no recibe texto con saltos de linea, en modo plain/text, en modo html no se si hara lo mismo no lo he probado, de allí el problema que corta el mensaje e incluso llegado el momento bloquea la aplicacion.. asi que toca usar es un texto completamente plano sin saltos de linea.

    Por otro lado, todas las pruebas que habia echo eran usando texto como HTML y no como Plain/text y el dia de hoy se me ocurrio cambiarle el color del font al banner teniendolo en modo Plain/Text y me lanza la excepcion al asignar un nuevo color. lo unico que hago es esto:

    banner.font.color:= stringtocolor(myvariable);


    banner.font.color:= combocolor.colorselected;

    y en cualquiera de los 2 casos me brinca la excepcion que el color asignado no es valido ,
    pero si cambio el banner a modo HTML, todo va sin problemas.. sera este un bug del componente?
    o la asignacion de color para el font en modo Plain/Text se debe hacer de otra forma diferente???

    gracias por la ayuda de antemano.. (-?-)

  17. 18. By genyus00 on October 15, 2011 at 22:48

    😀 otra pregunta que se me olvido, existe algún tipo de restricción o configuración que toca hacer para que los iconos en un texto formateado como HTML se puedan ver en el banner??? pregunto por que en un Windows 7 de 32bits se ven, pero en otro W7 64Bits, WXp 32 y 64 bits, Server 2003 32bits, en la marquesina / banner no se visualizan…

  18. 19. By genyus00 on October 15, 2011 at 22:48

    😀 another question that I forgot, there is some kind of restriction or configuration to get to do the icons in an HTML-formatted text can be seen in the banner??? wonder why a 32-bit Windows 7 look, but in another W7 64Bits, WXP 32 and 64 bit, Server 2003 32bit on the marquee / banner not displayed …

  19. 20. By genyus00 on June 5, 2012 at 23:33

    hola, Después de 8 meses de mi ultima consulta, me encuentro con que mi pregunta no fue respondida y después de 8 meses aun seguía con la misma duda.. ¿Por que no se visualizan mis iconos en la marquesina si la están en la ruta del .exe?.. pues bueno, dado que no encontré respuesta en este foro, me di a la tarea de averiguar el por que?.. haciéndole debug y seguimiento a las unidades del componente marquesina.. y sorpresa encontré el error que no permitía se cargaran mis iconos en la marquesina.. En principio el componente supone que la ruta por defecto es la ruta del .exe, pero en mi caso no fue así, la ruta inicial no correspondía a la de mi .exe y por consiguiente se detectaba como no existente la carpeta de iconos “Icons”..

    la soluciona:

    en la : unit RealTimeMarquee;

    function TMarqueeItem.HtmlImage(Sender: TObject; const URI: WideString): TPicture;
    Result := Marquee.DoGetImage(
    extractfilepath(paramstr(0))+ // adicionar esto y listo

    Espero poder haberles colaborados en algo, gracias