The Print Preview Components v5.40 has been released. This version is not backward compatible with older versions.

  • [feature] Added PageLogicalPixels property to TPrintPreview control. This property returns size of paper in screen coordinates and in pixels.
  • [change] In TPrintPreview control, renamed PagePixels property to PageDevicePixels. This change is because of introducing the new property PageLogicalPixels.
  • [feature] Added ScreenToPreview, PreviewToScreen, ScreenToPaper, and PaperToScreen methods to TPaperPreview control.
  • [feature] Added PaintWinControlEx2 method to TPaperPreview control. This method is simlar to PaintGraphicEx2 except that it works on a windowed control.
  • [feature] Added OnProgress event to TPrintPreview control. This event occurs during printing and saving pages as PDF and multi-frame TIFF.
  • [change] Removed OnPrintProgress event from TPrintPreview control. The OnProgress event covers this old event.
  • [change] Removed Aborted property, Abort method, and OnAbort event from TPrintPreview control. You can provide an event handler for OnProgress event to cancel printing.
  • [change] In TPaperPreview control, renamed BorderSize and ShadowSize properties to BorderWidth and ShadowWidth. By this change, these properties share the same name with their corresponding properties in TPaperPreviewOptions class.
  • [feature] Added ClientToPaper and PaperToClient methods to TPaperPreview control.
  • [feature] Added global CreateWinControlImage function. This function returns a graphic object from the screen snapshot of a windowed control.

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  1. 1. By Bernd Maile on August 12, 2010 at 17:32

    Problem with SaveAsPDF per Synopse:

    I place a “bitmap” in then center of the page with stretchdraw.
    After creating the pdf-file, the “bitmap” is on top/left of the page.
    All other text elements are okay !


  2. 2. By Kambiz on August 13, 2010 at 02:45

    The Synopse PDF library is not complete and cannot convert all GDI commands to PDF. I have mentioned this problem in the readme file.

    I suggest to use dsPDF library.