The Print Preview Components v5.0 has been released. This is an upgrade release.

  • [feature] Display rendering for PrintPreview, ThumbnailPreview, and PaperPreview controls are highly optimized.
  • [feature] Before this version, the PrintPreview control was keeping only one single page on memory. Now, you can set the number of cached pages using the new CacheSize property.
  • [change] As of now, when there are more pages than cache size, the PrintPreview control uses only a temporary file (very optimum). Because of that UseTempFile property is obselete and has been removed.
  • [feature] Besides editing a page, you can now insert new or replace an existing page. Deleting and reordering of pages is also possble. The methods for these actions are BeginReplace, EndReplace, BeginInsert, EndInsert, Delete, Exchange, and Move.
  • [feature] To know at each time which page owns the PrentPreview canvas, the new CanvasPageNo property is added.
  • [feature] To make conversion of units a bit easier, BoundsFrom, RectFrom, PointFrom, XFrom, and YFrom methods are added.
  • [change] Because for adding a new printer form the user must have the required priviledge on Windows, the control no more automatically add or remove forms. As the result, AutoFormName property and OnAutoCustomForm are obsolete and removed. Instead, use IsDummyFormName property to know the FormName property contains an actual form name or a temporary name.
  • [feature] To new methods for getting/setting properties from/to PageSetupDialog, GetPageSetupParameters and SetPageSeupParametrs are added to PrintPreview control.
  • [feature] For getting system and user prefered measurement units SystemDefaultUnits and UserDefaultUnits properties are added to PrintPreview control.
  • [feature] To mark printable area of the selected printer on the preview pages, ShowPrintableArea and PrintableAreaColor properties are added to the PrintPreview control.
  • [feature] The IsPaperCustom and IsPaperRotated propertis are added to the PrintPreview control. The first one determines whether a custom paper is in use or not, and the other one tells whether the paper orientation is landscape.
  • [feature] The preview page on the PrintPreview control can have a hint string different from the control’s one.
  • [feature] To be able to allow/disallow image transparency for print at runtime, a global boolean variable named AllowTransparentDIB is declared.
  • [feature] The OnStateChange event added to the PrintPreview control. This event occurs whenever State property changes. By the way, the control has some new states now.
  • [feature] The OnPaperChange event added to the PrintPreview control. This event occurs whenever paper size or orientation changes.
  • [feature] Similar to OnBackground and OnAnnotation events, two new events named OnPrintBackground and OnPrintAnnotation are added. Using this events you can draw some other stuffs under or over the hard copied pages.
  • [feature] The new method PrintPagesEx added to the PrintPreview control. This method allows you to print unordered and discrete list of pages.
  • [feature] To draw a preview page on any canvas, DrawPage method is added to the PrintPreview control.
  • [feature] The PaperPreview control can be captioned now. The properties introduced for this purpose are Caption, ShowCaption, Alignment, and WordWrap.
  • [feature] The PreservePaperSize property is added to the PaperPreview control. When one of paper parameters (e.g. PaperWidth, PaperHeight, ShadowSize, …) changes, this property defines which of page or control should be resized.
  • [feature] The OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events are added to TPaperPreview control.
  • [change] The ThumbnailPreview control is rewitten from scratch. This version of control is derived from TCustomListView.
  • [change] The Margin and Orientation peroperties of the TThumbnailPreview control are removed. Instead use SpacingHorizontal, SpacingVertical, and IconOptions properties.
  • [feature] You can now custom draw thumbnails on the TThumbnailPreview control. The OnPageBeforeDraw and OnPageAfterDraw events are added for these purpose.
  • [feature] Now, the thumbnails on TThumbnailPreview control can have a separate popup menu and hint (InfoTip) string.
  • [feature] The TThumbnailPreview control is improved by adding OnPageClick, OnPageDblClick, OnPageInfoTip, OnPageSelect, and OnPageUnselect events.
  • [feature] The thumbnails in the TThumbnailPreview control can have their Grayscale behavior independent of the attached TPrintPreview control.
  • [feature] Because the TThumbnailPreview control is actually a ListView control, you have multiselect option. For example, user can select some pages to print or delete selected pages.
  • [feature] The thumbnails in the TThumbnailPreview control can be reordered using drag and drop operations. The new AllowReorder property enables/disables this function.
  • [change] The demo program (general) is updated.
  • Finally, TThumbnailPreview and TPaperPreview controls are documented.

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