The Print Preview Components v5.10 has been released. This is an upgrade/bugfix release.

  • [feature] When the unit compiles with GDI_PLUS directive, the TPrintPreview component uses GDI+ to draw preview pages and thumbnails. As the result, pages will be displayed smoother.
  • [feature] Saving pages as a multi-page TIFF image is possible now. For this purpose, SaveAsTIF and CanSaveAsTIF methods and psSavingTIF state are added to the TPrintPreview control. The SaveAsTIF method works only when the unit is compiled with GDI_PLUS directive.
  • [change] The Zoom property of TPrintPreview control can accept larger values now. Because of that the default value of ZoomMax property changed from 500 to 1000.
  • [feature] To know whether the preview page can be scrolled horizontally or vertically, CanScrollHorz and CanScrollVert properties are added to the TPrintPreview control.
  • [feature] As of now, current preview page can be zoomed and scrolled by dragging thumbnail’s marker on TThumbnailPreview control.
  • [bugfix] Flickering of TThumbnailPreview control while resizing is fixed.